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Liangjiang—the Pioneer of Signalling Processing Technolog
SigEngine—the Expertise of Communication Network Intelligence

  Established in February 2002, Liangjiang Communications focuses on innovation and revolution in signalling processing and communication control field. Liangjiang completed the shareholding reform in January 2010, when it officially changed name to be Liangjiang Communications System Co., Ltd.

  Liangjiang is located in Zhang jiang Innovation Park with a beautiful environment and adjacent to number of fortune 500 enterprises world-wide.

  Liangjiang Provide system solutions based on signalling processing technology, including Research, develop and promote series products embedded SigEngine technology which could excellently provide a variety of solutions to realize personalized services rapidly. With the unique proprietary technology, Liangjiang has become a competitive company to enter Chinas signaling network high-end market. Our products have been widely deployed into the core network of China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. We participated in several national activities safeguard action, such as the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, Shandong National Games, Wenchuan Earthquakes ,etc.

  Liangjiang has established a professional R & D center and service center. Now we have set up branches in Beijing and Nanjing. Liangjiang has been “the National torch plan key high-tech enterprise” , “the Pilot enterprises in patent”, and we got certificate of ISO9001, ISO14001 and received SEI CMM level3 software rating. In addition, SigEngine and SMS Spam Filte was awarded the invention honor of Shanghai science and technology.

  SigEngine technology breaks the service provision limitation of traditional technology, without changing carrier and signalling network structure it can realize Business application economicly and conveniently. Whit the test of time , SigEngine show its reliability and Economic value. Such as the chip and router, SigEngine technology is a breakthrough in communication control field, embeds the independent Message Processing Machine (MPM )to the communications network.. The business based on SigEngine technology has a number of multi-billion market.

  Liangjiang commits to become the leading in communications field and contributes to society. Our view of core value is Quality, Innovation, Profession and Co-win.

Qualitylife of enterprise. We provide reliable products with strict quality control.

Innovationblood of enterprise. We focus on innovation and revolution in signalling processing and communication control field to meet our customers’ needs.

Professionskeleton of enterprise. With professional staff, technology, management and service, we assure our products to be professional, essential, and special.

Co-winspirit of enterprise. We bring steady, effective and future safe solution, and help our customers to maximize the use of existing network resource, reduce operation risk, and increase enterprise’s value.

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